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A company like no other.

At Jacobs, our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services, including all aspects of architecture, engineering and construction, operations and maintenance, as well as scientific and specialty consulting. Our 77,000+ employees in 400+ locations around the world serve a broad range of companies and organizations, including industrial, commercial, and government clients across multiple markets and geographies.

More than 95 percent of our work is repeat business. We get to know our customers’ businesses intimately, and partner with them to help them achieve their objectives. That commitment to our clients produces consistent cost advantages, profits and growth, allowing us to attract and retain the industry's top talent. Our strict dedication to safety and uncompromising ethics create a work environment that promotes employee progress and helps generate nearly $11 billion in annual revenue.

We measure the value we bring to clients every day — wherever in the world they may be, in any industry or technical discipline. In fact in 2017 we produced $2.27 billion in client savings through our JacobsValue program, a major accomplishment.

Jacobs leads the global professional services sector delivering solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. With $15 billion in fiscal 2017 revenue when combined with full-year CH2M revenues and a talent force of more than 77,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision, mission and values guide us in everything we do.

Our company’s Vision, Mission and Values are the cornerstones of our culture. They guide our global strategy, define our overarching goals, and serve as a constant reminder of Jacobs’ high performing, innovative and empowered culture.

Our Vision, Mission and Values are inspired by our teammates, our rich history, and our promising future. For 70 years, Jacobs has been the driving force behind some of world’s greatest engineering feats.

These guiding principles help ensure that our company will continue to provide solutions for a more connected, sustainable world for many years to come.

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Take safety everywhere you go.

For Jacobs, safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s how we live 24/7. Jacobs invites you to experience our culture of caring – a culture in which safety, health and welfare are top priorities; and in which we’re all responsible for looking out for one another.

Jacobs' safety culture extends outside the office walls, beyond the project site and into our cars, our homes, and our communities; affecting all the people we interact with everywhere around the world. BeyondZero® is the name of our safety program, and it’s about every one of us making safety a personal value that we live by each day.


Being safe every day on every job site crosses competitive boundaries. Jacobs is proud to sponsor Safety Week, an initiative of more than 40 national and global construction firms that have joined forces with a single aim: to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety.

During Safety Week, May 7-11, 2018, Jacobs employees worldwide will celebrate this year’s theme of “The Power of Safe Choices”, holding workshops, contests, lunch n’ learns - and even Bollywood dance performances!

Safety Week is a living embodiment of everything that makes our culture great. We hope that whether you’re an employee or prospective employee, a client, subcontractor, competitor, or just an interested member of the public, you’ll join us in participating in Safety Week.

  • Learn more about our industry’s Safety Week and get ideas for your own Safety Week event.
  • Join the global safety conversation on LinkedIn.
  • Post a photo on Jacobs’ Safety Selfies area -- share your safety passion at work and at home.

Thank you for helping to celebrate safety!

“Kate’s Story” tells the tragic story of Jacobs employee Kate Carpenter (London, UK), whose husband, John Kinns, also an employee, lost his life as the result of injuries sustained in the field.

Produced internally by Jacobs, the video has been shown and discussed at office meetings around the globe and has had a profound impact within the company. The video is now available for employees to view and share with family, friends, business partners, and clients.

Please take Kate’s message to heart.


BeyondZero© is Jacobs' safety program.We provide a variety of useful safety tools and training to all Jacobs employees, covering topics that are applicable at work, at home, and everywhere they go. Jacobs is always working to identify critical risks that cause injuries, illnesses, and incidents. Then we take proactive steps to eliminate them by helping our people develop safer behaviors, and by encouraging them to inspire others to do the same.


Ethics and integrity

Ethics and integrity are our foundation.

Over decades of consistent behavior guided by our core values, Jacobs has earned a reputation as an ethical company. We make decisions with fairness and honesty, holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for high standards of conduct on each job we do throughout the world.

Our Board of Directors, CEO, and Senior Financial Officers take ethics and integrity very seriously. Our company is built upon a deep commitment to ethical behavior and as such our leadership at the highest levels are governed by a code of conduct.  Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Jacobs Board of Directors and our Code of Ethics for the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Financial Officers demonstrates our pledge to run our company with integrity.

Jacobs' Code of Conduct is a useful guide for all our employees worldwide that outlines our collective commitment to our values and beliefs, and helps us exercise ethical decision making and good judgment – even in difficult situations.

Jacobs also expects the companies we partner with to operate with a high level of integrity, and our corresponding Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to those in our supply chain. We also encourage our employees and suppliers to ask questions when in doubt and report violations, which they can do via an email address , an internet portal or our Integrity Hotline (1.844.543.8351)

Most recently and for the second time since 2010, Jacobs has been named one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes Magazine. In the large-cap category, Jacobs is one of only 14 firms featured and the only engineering and construction company featured in the large cap category. Read more on Forbes.

“Every day we strive to act with integrity and honesty to ensure the health and future of our company. We ask that each of our Jacobs teammates, clients and partners commit to maintaining the highest ethical standards.” — Steve Demetriou, Chairman and CEO


Inclusion means welcoming all backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

At Jacobs, we value inclusion and diversity because it energizes our people and encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Learning about new and different perspectives and experiences creates more varied thinking. Considering several unique points of view often results in better decisions and solutions for our clients, our investors, and ultimately our company.

The term “inclusive” can refer to many things; but as it applies to Jacobs, it means welcoming and respecting the varied backgrounds, talents, skills, and experiences of all our employees and everyone we do business with around the world – embracing and appreciating both our similarities and our differences. Inclusion is woven throughout our culture of caring; enabling us to be an engaged, committed, and productive company that produces positive results for our clients and their stakeholders. Come work for us - we want you on our team!



Sustainable projects create enduring legacies.

Our clients want to find the best sustainable solutions for their projects around the world. We help them do just that. Jacobs is dedicated to the advancement of safe and sustainable services for our clients and within our own company. Our core values guide our commitment to an ethical, relationship-based, and cost-conscious business — a sustainable business.

Around the world, across all disciplines, Jacobs works to constantly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through our words and actions. That commitment is reflected every day through our low-cost posture, our BeyondZero® safety philosophy, and our Global Sustainability Commitment Statement.

We are continually improving and reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world as we contribute timely and efficient services and effective, tailored sustainable solutions for our clients. This is the best way we can save them money and help make their businesses successful. The work we do supports them in achieving their project goals – and in creating an enduring legacy.

Rush University Medical Center, Rush Transformation Program, Chicago, IL, USA
United States Air Force Reserve Command, 310th Space Wing Headquarters, Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, DFW Airport Terminal A Phase I, DFW Airport, TX, USA
Swinburne University, Advanced Manufacturing Design Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Fife Council, Burntisland Primary School, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland, UK
Mission Solar Energy, Solar Panel Production Plant, San Antonio, TX, USA
Campbell Soup Company, Campbell Employee Center, Camden, NJ, USA
General Services Administration, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Gulfport, MS, USA
North Carolina State University, Cates Cogeneration Plant, Raleigh, NC, USA

Global network

We’re global. And we’re local.

Our delivery philosophy is simple: Jacobs is located around the world where our clients are today and where they need us to be tomorrow. Their needs help drive our business, so we expand our offerings, locations, and staff to best serve them when and where they need us.

The result is a global network of local offices that share common values and a commitment to customized service. Jacobs employees from our 230+ locations communicate seamlessly across geographic and disciplinary areas on a daily basis to collaborate, share innovative ideas and best practices, and help clients find the best solutions for every project. We do this through regular use of our internal social communication tools and through a variety of facilitated networking events and functions that create a boundaryless, supportive and productive atmosphere within the company.

With nearly 54,000 talented, dedicated employees, Jacobs' diverse and international workforce gives clients an established local presence that understands their businesses, helping to reduce risk and maximize value. Because everyone at Jacobs is guided by the same core values and operates according to the same Code of Conduct, we behave and perform consistently no matter where we are; one company around the globe.


Our history

Our rich history fuels the future.

Our history begins with the company's founding by Joseph J. Jacobs in 1947. Since then, we have gradually evolved from a one-man engineering consultant to the publicly traded Fortune 500 company we are today.

About two-thirds of Jacobs' consistent growth comes from organic expansion as we serve the changing and growing needs of our customers. Because we partner with our clients and truly understand their business objectives, we work in the locations and industries where they need us to be; and we position ourselves to serve their needs effectively.

Another way Jacobs is able to continuously improve and grow is through acquisition. We have acquired more than 70 businesses, and each one has contributed to our reach and capabilities. Together, as Jacobs, we deliver the benefits of a fully integrated global organization.

Our rich history guides our growth, and the possibilities are limitless in terms of the company we are yet to become. But a few simple things remain constant throughout times of change: our firm commitment to our relationship based business model; and our focus on safety, quality, and ethics are foundational to who we are.


Evolution of a Company:

1947 Founded by Joseph J. Jacobs in Pasadena, California
1967 Opened our first satellite office in New Jersey
1970 Stock listed on the American Stock Exchange
1989 Stock moved to New York Stock Exchange
1989 Passed the $1 billion mark in annual revenues
1997 Exceeds 15,000 employees
1999 Fortune Magazine names us “Most Admired E&C Company.”
2007 Declared two-for-one stock split
2013 Reached 70,000 employees
2015 Appointed Steven J. Demetriou as President and CEO
2016 Moved corporate headquarters to Dallas, Texas
2016 Announced first stock dividend program
Jim, Al, Tony looking at drawings (undisclosed project)
Dr. Jacobs at Potassium Nitrate plant in Vicksburg, MS, USA
The opening of our headquarters on 251 S. Lake.
Dr. Jacobs at Potassium Nitrate plant in Vicksburg, MS, USA
Dr. Jacobs at Potassium Nitrate plant in Vicksburg, MS, USA
Dedication of the Jacobs Science Center at Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA, USA - 1980)
Groundbreaking event for a new underground parking facility.
Dr. Jacobs meets King Hussein of Jordan at Dead Sea plant dedication - 1982

Suppliers and partners

Exceptional suppliers boost our strength.

We collaborate with our subcontractors and suppliers to achieve innovation solutions in support of project delivery around the world. Jacobs' intent is to treat its suppliers as partners. By selecting exceptional suppliers, we achieve innovative solutions in support of project delivery around the world. The key component to our success is our commitment to conducting business ethically, safely, and fairly — and we expect our business partners to do the same. Our supply base aspiration is geared toward building relationships with the best suppliers in areas of innovation, compliance, quality, capabilities, on-time delivery and sustainability. To accomplish this, we constantly monitor existing Jacobs suppliers and evaluate new potential suppliers.

Becoming a Jacobs Supplier

1. Registration in Ariba Discovery for prospective providers of goods or services to Jacobs

Ariba Discovery Network is Jacobs’s primary means for conducting supply chain discovery. If your company is interested in selling goods or services to Jacobs, please ensure your company is registered on the Ariba Network via Ariba Discovery. The more information you provide will help us better understand your services, capabilities and business status.

Register on Ariba Network

2. Invitation by Jacobs

When sourcing opportunities arise, our buyers will search for suppliers that best correspond to Jacobs' requirements. Once you are chosen for a sourcing event or award, you will be invited to our pre-qualification process.

3. Pre-qualification

Invited suppliers have received or will receive individual registration invitations by email. The pre-qualification process will require providing additional information to verify whether your company complies with Jacobs' standards.

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